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Dr. Joseph Bentivegna

infoMEDMD.com was founded in 2010 by Dr. Joseph Bentivegna, a physician (ophthalmologist) with over 30 years of experience. He is an attending physician at Hartford Hospital (Connecticut) who graduated from St. Francis College and Penn State Medical School. Having had a keen interest in technology, he taught himself computer programming and app development.

The idea for infoMEDMD.com was born from a vision to supply accurate medical information with a personalized focus and conservative philosophy. While multiple medical questionnaire sites exist, Dr. Bentivegna believed they lacked the customization to provide a detailed answer to specific symptoms and situations, so he set out to provide just that. Dr. Bentivegna also believes that the onslaught of direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical marketing and a pro-surgery trend has resulted in an overmedicated society and many unnecessary surgical procedures. This philosophy is weaved into the honest & practical questionnaire results, as well as the references provided. With the help of medical colleagues, Dr. Bentivegna has created over 200 infoMEDs and continues to create more.

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Mobile App

Dr. Bentivegna has also developed a mobile app that aids users in determining if Botox is right for them. You can download the mobile app for free here.

Dr. Joseph Bentivegna Background

While attending Penn State Medical School, his research on the mechanism of accommodation (how the eye focuses) won first place for research. After graduating, Dr. Bentivegna did a medical internship at Brown University (Roger Williams Hospital) and then served a year as a volunteer physician in Haiti for the Missionaries of Charity (the order of Mother Teresa). He then did his ophthalmological training at New York Medical College and became board certified in 1989. Dr. Bentivegna was once a syndicated columnist writing on medicine and politics and ran for the United States Senate in 1994. He has written three books:

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The Neglected and Abused: A Physician's Yearin Haiti

An eye surgeon remains filled with happiness and despair two decades after his year of volunteer service in Haiti. Dr. Joe Bentivegna still confronts questions that have no answers, including whether volunteer service simply takes the pressure off governments.

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When to Refuse Treatment

"When to Refuse Treatment" is required reading for families facing the myraid of medical options at the end of life.

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The Lords of Greenwich

When a Greenwich billionare discovers a gambling ring ripping off his Jai Alai fronton, the leader of the ring ends up dead. But when detective Pierre Appollon gets close to the truth- he discovers that money talks and the wealthy walk.