Who We Are

We believe HR should not be a cost center or a luxury. HipHR.com is a cost-effective, subscription-based, end-to-end Human Resources consulting and outsourcing partner. Our business allows startups to scale, contain costs, mitigate risk, and attract and retain top talent. We enable the small-but-mighty organization to offer an employee experience of a Fortune 500 company.

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Why We’re Different

We are experts in the area of PEOPLE. People, not products, are a company’s competitive advantage. As the talent landscape has changed, so has the HR function. Our team will help your startup safely scale and navigate this new world of work, through deep HR industry expertise paired with data and technology. We will help you use data and industry insights to drive diversity, inclusion, and belonging, across all HR functions. We'll guide your executives to become better people leaders and help you to retain happier, more productive employees.

Meet Our Team

Co - founderFaith Tull

Hey, I’m Faith and I’m excited to work with you as one of the founders of this kick ass female lead team at HipHr.com. I have over 25 years of Human Resources and business leadership experience working with some great global companies in snazzy roles such as Chief People Officer, Head of Global Talent, Vice President of Employee Experience and Director of Human Resources to name a few. My skills and expertise overseeing all facets of Human Resources have helped to boost the employee experience of many organizations in a cross section of industries such as Technology, Insurance, Staffing, Pharmaceutical, Engineering and Manufacturing. I’m obsessed with staying up to date with current trends and best practices from a work and people standpoint so I can help to create amazing work environments. My work calls for me to be the strategist, coach and sometimes therapist to my client group.

I pride myself on my educational accomplishments because it took some blood, sweat and tears to obtain a master’s degree in human resources, a degree in labour relations, a diploma in business administration & marketing as well as a certificate in adult education. Not to mention many other professional development programs that I’ve taken over the years.

Spare time is a luxury I don’t always have but when I do, I like to travel, hang with my daughter, treat myself to a VIP screening of the latest movie while of course getting my Zen on and fighting the good health fight. I’m totally pumped to work with you and help you invest in people.

Co - founderKaren Ly

Hi, I’m Karen! I’m a business leader with over 15 years of experience in the SMB and large enterprise tech space. I’ve lead teams in technology recruitment and technology platform sales for large global giants such as Randstad and Linkedin. I’ve also consulted in industries from financial services to agriculture.

With a background in science and a love of fine art, I foolishly thought I could marry the two as a medical illustrator - or professional pumpkin carver. Reality hit early in my career, and I, fortunately, found myself immersed in the fascinating world of human capital management. This accidental career has allowed me the unusual opportunity to look under the hood of some of the largest organizations in Canada and to help shape their talent strategies.

Over the years, I’ve witnessed first-hand how the world of work and the talent ecosystem has changed. I geek out over this stuff! Companies that are not using data to guide their HR strategies are falling behind, the skills-gap is getting bigger at an alarming rate, and the new generation of talent wants a paycheck aligned with purpose. I believe leaders innately know that the best companies invest in their people first, but I also understand it’s a lot when you’re also just trying to focus on clients and grow your company. Imagine a world where you wouldn’t have to compromise on either?

I’m excited to help your company navigate its people journey, so you can continue to focus on your growth trajectory.

Co - founderBarbara Eustace

Hi! I’m Barb and I’m super excited to help you grow your business!

As a recruitment specialist with more than 15 years of experience, I have worked for some of Canadas leading technical staffing agencies including CNC Global, Randstad and Teema Group. Having worked with a number of different clients across the spectrum I really focused on the tech start up space and have come to appreciate the specific challenges they face.

I have a degree in Political Science from the University of McMaster and wanted to be a politician before I realized that Facebook pictures would probably ruin my chances of ever running for office.

I love that we live in an innovative world where creativity in the tech space is encouraged and thriving. Businesses are seeing the value in not only what their employees bring to the table but striving to make the workplace a better environment for them – imagine that!

When I am not helping companies with their talent strategies, you can find me chasing a toddler and 3 dogs around the house.

Correction – You can find a toddler and 3 dogs chasing me around the house.