Our holistic approach to HR recognizes that while recruitment is a large part of the overall HR lifecycle, RPO is often out of reach for most startups and small to medium sized businesses.

Here at HipHR, we provide affordable monthly subscription packages that can alleviate some of the talent acquisition hurdles that arise for a variety of reasons. We have created a unique offering that provides top talent in your inbox, even without a human resources department.

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What We Offer

Depending on monthly subscription package HipRPO will provide the following:

  • Monthly Job Postings (LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, Workopolis)
  • Resume filtering and matching
  • Call screens for qualified and filtered candidates
  • Up to 10 screened profiles and resumes in your inbox with a write up based on skills, personality, salary and general fit
  • Interview scheduling
  • Job description drafting
  • Interview questions/drafting
  • Employment letters
  • Onboarding
Full Check

Added Costs

  • Technical Testing - pricing varies depending on test
  • Personality Testing – Pricing varies depending on test
  • Background Checks – criminal and credit
  • Full recruitment services also offered for 10% of base salary (this is much lower than any agency rates)

Please review and compare which monthly subscription option works best for you.